My work is largely concerned with finding precarious and playful order through the assemblage of structural forms and happenstance. I am drawn to using a minimalist vocabulary that is influenced by the natural and built world, such as a shadow on a wall or a protruding rock. I like to collect these abstracted yet familiar details and find ways to fold them into my process. My attention also centers on weathered objects with overlaid markings that document a part of their use. Their scratches and dents can show an ambiguous yet distinct record that warrants a closer look. Similarly, I selectively layer my paintings to facilitate this type of hushed depth and diverted attention. By responding to the patina of repurposed materials and the gradual building of marks, resolve ultimately comes through the fluctuating process of layered action and determined space.

Please feel free to contact me at grant.r.haynes@gmail.com and thanks for visiting!