That old smart phone. Its with me most of the time and has certainly changed my photo taking habits.  Mainly what that has meant is that I’ve neglected this blog and focused on another.  Most of my current photos are in this square format and are also on my other blog, but I wanted to give a little sample of what I’ve up too in Maine. For a better look my meanderings of late take a look here: littlehouse-bigwoods




IMG_1726 IMG_1898 IMG_2052



Spring time workings



Some friends from Missoula stayed over recently and wanted to see some of my work. My reserves are dwindling and so I took then into the basement to look through some boxes of old paintings. After uncovering and dusting off a bunch of paintings they picked out one they wished to keep. Ellen wanted to keep some of the beautiful copper pipe earrings our friend Beth makes, and so we made a trade. But just giving a friend an old painting from the basement didn’t seem right, so I ask if I could spruce it up and mail it out to her. She obliged and this is what followed.  It was just the kick in the pants I needed to get motivated to resolve a stack of old paintings.