Summer’s Passing

Today as well as other days this fall, I have though back fondly on this beach and its place in my life during the summer.  It was, while amidst the hottest of days, a place of such refuge. Me, my friends, and so many other animals felt it draw so often in those months.  The heat wave, no AC, concrete jungle, summer, summer, humid.  Bike gangs would amass at any time of day to venture the short distance down the steeps of Depot street and along the bike path to the slight opening of brush that gave way to our preferred depths. Our stinging sand, our beer, our eden, our strangers, our water, our mountains, our slowing of heartbeats. It was here I loved most to swim naked late at night, just before I hit the sweaty sack, one last attempt to cool off. The quiet, the comfort. Yes, I will think of these times fondly.

I bet the leaves are falling there now, released by today’s wind and dampened by today’s rain.  The cloaking of a time.

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