A small stint with an Adirondacker. Staying the night and then walking in the morning.

I stayed a night with my old friend Michael in Tupper Lake, NY.  I pulled in late and was greeted by a fire and a beer in the wood shop. Sitting in deep chairs we warmed up our feet and talked about what we always talk about. It never seems to get old.  More timeless talk I guess.  In the morning we drank coffee then took a walk with his dogs, Swix and Buddha on his ski trails.  The frost was strong, but the sun shown bright and melted what had covered most things.  We spoke of love, future plans, skiing, and his woods. We pointed out large black cherries to each other and discussed how beautiful they are.  Swix would bound ahead, but always find us for this girl know the woods well.  Buddha, with her slight limp, stayed closers, cooling off in slightly frozen over puddles when we crossed on.

Oh the Adirondacks. My heart sings. These mountains and people I’ve know so well. I’ve been there much of my life. I know I’ll travel its lands again, but for now, I leave, off to some new lands, and to have these mountains in my dreams.

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