Psychedelic Swamp.

I went back to St. Lawrence recently and painted the back annex hallway of the Outing Club house.  Having had a bit more purpose for my stay felt good, although it did not feel as awkward to be back as I expected.  There are always wonderful and dear people around.

This area of the house is called “The Swamp” , a shout out to the old show “MASH”.  Its not the most uplifting part of the house and I was happy to have the chance to change it from the old light sea foam/intitutional green.  In a way I thought, “it can’t get any worse.”

Upstairs in another room, my friend Alex Eaton painted the common room with some mountains and trees. The colors are very different, but I wanted to say in line with his… well line.   Craggy mountain lines were on my mind as friends like April Costa and Alex Comeau helped tape edges for the color boarders. In the end I had to do some quick black lines, mostly because it was super fun and also that it gives it a little more flare and looks a lot more swampy.

I was fun and freeing to have a large space to work on and not care about it too much.  I guess I can just hope that the painters union finds it more suitable then the previous nothingness.

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